Cleaning equipment can be found in the cottage where basic cleaning can be made. From the cottages 4 and 19 there is a central vacuum cleaner. Other cottages have a normal vacuum cleaner.

Cleaning includes:

  • Washing up dishes & emptying dishwasher
  • Vacuuming and take out carpets and beating
  • Remove stains with a wetswipes (tables, doors and walls).
  • Cleaning devices (owen, microwave, fridge)
  • Bathroom, sauna and toilet cleaning
  • Airing bedclothes and arrangement them
  • Ash removal from under the fireplace, grill and sauna’s fireplace
  • Emptying ashtrays
  • Change thge furniture layout in the original layout
  • Clean your trash from outside the cottage

On departure day :
● Please leave the cottage by the agreed time. (Normally before 12.00 o’clock / a.m.)
● take trashes to the trashpoint witch is marked in the map
● Check that the rowboat is pulled up and secured.
● Put electric radiators + 10 ° C (not cottage 18 & 19).
● leave the key inside the cottage and lock the door.

NOTE! Even if the cleaning service has been purchased, includes washing dishes and garbage removal residents!

Pet traces must be cleaned yourself, even if you buy a cleaning service. More information on the general info page in Here.

If the cottage has not been cleaned after the previous customer, please notify immediately
tel. +358 400 650 677. (Possible equipment faults report to the same number)