Arriving day

In departure day you can arrive after 15.00 o’clock. (or different time agreed)

We don’t have repception, so you find the key at the door after 15.00.

Location of Cottages you find  Here

Bedding and cleaning
Own sheets and towels can be brought with you or rented from us for sheets- and towelsets at 14 € / person. The customer is responsible for cleaning the cottage during the holiday season and at the end of the holiday. You can also buy a final cleaning as an additional service. Its price depends on the size of the cottage. Prices are 60 € / 80 € / 130 €.

Each cottage has its own watersource or shared well. Water comes from spring and is drinkable. For this reason, filling your own pools is strictly forbidden! (The introduction of flooding must be reported and the filling is only from the sea.).

Poiler/Septic tank
Each cottage has its own septic tank. If the water level starts to rise in toilet, the septic tank is likely full. In this situation, call +358 400 650 677 immediately.

in most of the cottages have electrically powered heating. The electric radiators have a regulator for temperature selection. In addition, the toilets and shower rooms have underfloor heating. The controller can be found in the wall of the room. Instead, Cottage 2 has a regulator also in the living room wall that adjusts the living room radiators. Fireplace can be found in every cottage. If you are unsure about the use of the fireplace, please feel free to contact us. Cottage 19 & 18 has geothermal heating system. If the cottage is too cold, please contact us! Self-adjusting is strictly forbidden.

Pets must be notified at time of booking. Pet’s traces and hairs must be cleaned, even if the cleaning service was purchased. Pets are not allowed on beds or couches. We charge a double cleaning service payment and a post-clearance surcharge for non-cleaning of the pet traces.

Firewood is included the price of the cottage, so the use of the fireplace is desirable in winter.

Rowing boat
is included in the price of the cottage. Always remember to pull the boat as high as possible and tie the boat to the tree after use. The sea is unpredictable and the water surface can rise up to one meter overnight.

Customers treat the garbage themselves as waste points, which are marked in the regional map, which can be found on the notice board in the cottages.

Departure day

Departure day check-out is before 12.00 o’clock. (or different time agreed).

Leave the key inside the cottage and lock the door.

Final cleaning
Cottage’s cleaning need to be done like the constractions says. Instructions can be found on the cottage’s noticeboard.

See these instructions for the final cleaning here.

The trash should be taken to the garbage point marked on the map.


But the radiator temperature +10 degrees to save energy and underfloor heating to point 1. (Except cottages 19 & 18th geothermal)

that all property is safely taken and leave the key inside the cottage and lock the doors.

If necessary, call +358 400 650 677

We recommend that you take with you toilet- and kitchen papers, baking paper, filter coffee, filter bags, garbage bags, toiletries, bed linen and towels (or rented from us), sauna covers, spices and barbecues,

Cottages equiments
Cleaning equipment, the cottage includes a couple of rolls of toilet paper, a number of cutlery, basic kitchen utensils (knives, pots, pans, etc.) blankets, pillows, hand soap and two garbage bags. Kitchen utensils such as knives may be blunt, when there are many users. For this reason, we recommend that you take with you tools for your own needs, such as knives and pans, to avoid any surprises.