1. Reservation

The reservation is valid as of the date on which the customer has agreed by telephone, email or message. The reservation will begin on the day of arrival after 15:00 and the reservation will end on the day of departure no later than 12 noon. When booking, the customer must indicate the name, address, telephone number and / or e-mail address and the number of guests for the invoice.

Usually, we charge a booking fee with a due date of 1 month from making a reservation. The booking fee is usually 200-300 € unless otherwise agreed. For less than one month for arriving day, the total amount is charged within 14 days or before the day before the arrival date.

2. Cancellation: After payment of the reservation fee

Canceling a reservation must be made without delay. After payment of the reservation, we will not refund the agreed booking fee despite early cancellation.

But we can agree on a new accommodation in another time and the booking fee moves to a new reserve.

3. Cancellation: After the final payment

Cancellation of the reservation must be made without delay, at least 7 days before the start of the reservation. In the event of cancellation, we will refund 50% of the balance. In less than 7 days cancellation, we will not refund the final payment.However, we try to provide alternative accommodation for future weeks, whereby the payment already paid is directly transferred to the new reservation. In such a case, we will not refund the possible difference between the old and the new accommodation despite the size of the accommodation. If the new accommodation is more expensive, we will charge the overpayment. Additionally, we charge an additional fee for the arrangements resulting from the changes.

4. Illness, accident, death

If canceled, we will refund the balance if there is a weighty reason. This is a serious illness, serious accident, death or other unexpected and serious event, such as a dwelling fire, involving the client or his / her loved ones. A close relative is considered to be a spouse, a spouse, a child, an elder, an in-law, a sibling, a grandchild, a grandparent or a traveling partner with whom she is intended to be accommodated.

The customer must immediately notify the establishment of the reason for the non-arrival and must be provided with a reliable statement, such as a medical certificate, a police check box, or an insurance company’s statement. The report must be submitted within a reasonable time after the client has received an opinion.

5. Customer’s liability for damage

The Customer is responsible for any damage caused to him or her by his / her pets or property to the accommodation, the furniture or accessories therein, and the accommodation of other guests or their property.If any furniture, lighting fixtures or anything else that has been damaged in connection with the arrival date is found on the property, you must immediately inform number below. In such a case, such damages may be charged to the right persons. Failure to notify may, in the worst case, cause a charge for you even if the damage occurred before you entered the accommodation.

6. Using the Reservation Calendar

In the booking calendar you will be able to make open bookings or to check free rental times conveniently. The green is marked with free days that can be booked. Red has reserved days and orange has open bookings. When selecting a day, let the calendar select a minimum of 2 nights. That is, we do not take shorter periods of reservations. but contacting us by phone or email can also be offered for shorter periods of time. Longer times can be booked by clicking directly to the desired day, when the calendar automatically calculates the bid for the desired time.An open reservation needs to fill in the required information. You can write in a free field, for example, if you want to buy a cleaning service or rent sheets and towel sets or you have pet, and it is coming with you.

After booking, we confirm your reservation. We will contact you by email if there are any flaws in your reservation or a reservation will not be possible for some reason. If the reservation is accepted, you will receive a notification via e-mail as well as the bank details you will pay for the rental. If you need an invoice for a rent, want to edit or cancel, it will only be possible by contacting us by email or by calling. Canceling a reservation system is not possible.