Map of  Cottages

Office, only mail address:
Hillerintie 3F, 49210 Huutjärvi, FINLAND

Info Board Visiting Address:
Tuuskintie 308, 49210 Pyhtää, FINLAND

Addresses to Cottages:

Cottages 1-9: Tuuskintie 360, Pyhtää, Finland

Cottages 15-19: Trollvikintie 90, Pyhtää, Finland

Contact person: Christian Rasi (finnish, english)

Phone (open 10-18): Reservations, invoicing, other info +358 400 650 677  

Emergency number (open 8-24): Problem situations in the cottage such as: Electricity, water outages. The phone number can be found in the cabin. 

E-mail: info(at)

Payment methods: Bank transfer or Cash

Business ID: 0578524-9