We rent SUP ferries for 50 € / 2 days or 90 € / week. Other times as agreed.

Electric engines for boat (incl. engine, battery and charger) for rent 40 € / 2 days. € 70 / week.

Equipment rental must be takin care of at the time of booking the cottage.

Snowshoes are also coming for rent.

There are many activities in Pyhtää, Loviisa and Kotka. We have listed a few places as well as attractions.

More about our area can be found conveniently: visitkotkahamina.fi

Pyhtää region

Locals Saara and Janne have blogged about local attractions: Village Blog


An old windmill in Munapirtti, Hinkkaböle.

Lookout point – Högberget in Tuuskinkylä.

Lookout – Trollberg near the cottage area.

Aeronautica Exploration Arena 

Offers lots of activities just 20 miles from the cottage area. Activities include an air tunnel, indoor surfing, a charter sauna, adventure flights, kayaking, karting and more. More you find in Auronautica website.

Flakanäs Frisbee Golf Course (near cottages)

An 18–21 fairway frisbee golf course will be built on the land owned by the Municipality of Pyhtää and the private sector during the spring and summer of 2022. There are 3 lanes to Tuuskintie 360 ​​next to the cottage road and the rest of the lanes are located on the other side of Flakanäs, Tuuskintie. Flakanäs has a public beach and a caravan site.

Huutjärvi Frisbee Golf Course

Another Frisbee golf course can be found in Huutjärvi. The 21-lane track is made of old gravel, which also has ski trails and a hockey rink in the winter. The address for the parking lot is: Rysätie 21, Huutjärvi.

Valkmusa National Park 

Pyhtää’s only national park is located 27 kilometers from the cottage area. The address for the nearest car parks is the Simonsaari car park, Vastilantie 886, Pyhtää (road no. 3562). The second parking area is the parking area at the end of Suolinnantie, Suolinnantie 740, Pyhtää.

Sea hotel Mäntyniemi

Offers the only restaurant services on the island of Munapirtti. See more in Sea hotel website.

Cafes and restaurants

 There are a few cafeterian nearby.

The village café Onni can be found in Pyhtää Kirkonkylä and Siltakylä. Artists also perform at Siltakylä Culture House during the summer.

Cafe Sagitta can be found in Huutjärvi Lököre, where you will find Siltakylä’s biggest Marina.

Club Bakkanaali is centrally located in Huutjärvi. They provide food on weekdays from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Päkki Pub is located in Purola, about 10 km from the cottage area. The pub serves local pizza and pub services.