Space for a trailer

Caravan places

There are 5 rentable place to caravans. The area got outdoor WC,  electrical outlet and road to the area. Each place has its own yard area.  There are also a warehouse at palces 7, 10, 14. They are different sizes.

7, 8, 13 and 14. are rented. 10 is free.

See the location on the map.

There is also a reserved summer sauna (free of charge) for the caravans,   a shower and water points that can be freely used. Drinking water is a source of potable water.

The sauna is only used in summer.

Smaller areas are 1300 € / year and bigger are 1 700 € / year.
Caravan places can also be rented for summer season (May to September) starting from 800 €.

Inquire about our free caravans and their prices from +358 400 650 677

by email:

Place 7, rented

Place 8, rented

Place 10, free

Place 13, rented

Place 14, rented